Nearby Attraction

There's a lot to see and do nearby

Closest landmarks

    Colobus Conservation located 1.4 km from here
    The Diani Beach Shopping Centre, 5.2 km
    Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest, 6.4 km

Natural beauty

    Kinondo sacred forest Mountain, 6 km
    Congo River, 10 km
    Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park, 25 km
    Shimba hills national reserve, 30 km
    Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary, 30 km

Food and Drink

Restaurants and markets

    Msholami beach, 1 km
    Msholami Supermarket, 1 km
    Japanese Restaurant, 5 km
    Fortythiefs beach bar, 6 km
    Alibaba cave Restaurant, 6 km
    Ukunda Market, 10 km

Access to the Hostel

Closest Airports

    Moi International Airport 34 km